1. What is Chizzle?

Chizzle is a global mobile platform which provides a transparent marketplace for teachers and learners of all ages to come together across any teachable subject matter, including instruction in academics, sports, visual and performing arts and hobbies.

2. Which mobile platforms is Chizzle available on?

Chizzle is available on Android and iOS.

3. Which countries is Chizzle available in?

Chizzle has been available in Singapore and Australia since September 2016 and is in the process of being rolled out in other countries.

4. Can I find teachers using the Chizzle website?

Chizzle is currently available only as a mobile application. Chizzle is expected to be available on the World Wide Web later.

5. Who should be using Chizzle?

Chizzle is useful for learners of all ages, however users of the application must be 18 years of age or older. Parents seeking teachers for their children who are under 18 years of age have the ability to seek teachers for their children.

6. Can I find teachers for group lessons or individual lessons?

You can find teachers for group and individual lessons, at the moment group lessons can only be conducted at the teachers location, very soon you will be able to host group lessons at your location.

7. Which subjects can I find teachers for?

The platform is broad-based and encompasses a variety of subjects including academics, sports, arts and hobbies. The number of subjects for which teachers are available at any given point of time may vary based on the user’s location and time preferences.

In the event the desired subject is listed but shown as “Fully Booked”, this signifies that teachers are available, but that all lessons slots have already been booked by other learners. In this case, you can click on “Request for Slots” and the platform will automatically contact suitable teachers to create additional slots. You will be informed the moment a slot becomes available.

In the event the subject is listed as “Coming Soon”, this signifies that Chizzle does not have have enough teachers available near your location for that particular subject to provide a reasonable choice. The user has the ability to show interest and you will be notified the moment a teacher is available near you for the desired subject.

In the event there is a subject you are interested in and you do not find the subject listed on Chizzle, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will strive to include the subject and find a suitable teacher for your desired subject.

8. I am a parent how do I find teachers for my children or myself?

During Sign Up (or at any point of time), the user has the ability to define if the user is seeking teachers for their children, themselves or both. The user’s search results will reflect such designation.

9. Does Chizzle perform a background check on teacher?

Chizzle is a free marketplace and anyone who desires to teach can create a listing. Chizzle does not perform a background check on a teacher’s stated credentials. Moreover, what each learner is seeking in a teacher is slightly different. We seek to provide you with the information and tools to make the best informed decision regarding what kind of teacher is right for you. We always urge you to be prudent and take appropriate care when selecting teachers.

Most teachers provide one or more free trial lessons to new learners, which should help a parent or learner evaluate the teacher’s effectiveness for one’s specific needs.

Parents or learners who plan to take lessons from a teacher can connect with other parents or learners prior to booking a trial lesson with that teacher to obtain feedback.

Chizzle treats any false declarations extremely seriously and in the event you come across a teacher’s profile that is untrue or contains misrepresentations, please report it at [email protected].

10. How do I assess the suitability of a teacher for my requirements? Can I obtain references for a teacher that I am considering working with?

There are multiple ways of assessing the suitability of teacher for oneself.

Teachers Profile

1. The teacher’s profile provides a comprehensive view of the teacher’s experience, teaching methodology, awards and other credentials, including any certificates that the teacher may have uploaded.

2. The teacher’s profile includes the rating that the teacher has received across all lessons conducted via Chizzle.

3. The teacher’s profile will also have reviews by other learners which are published verbatim.

Reference check with existing learners

A new prospective learner can connect with the existing learners of a teacher and seek feedback. While Chizzle doesn’t guarantee that a response will be received or that the response will provide what you are looking for, you have the ability to seek a referral from the teacher’s existing or past learners, Chizzle opens up a group chat including up to a maximum of 10 existing learners of the teacher from whom feedback can be sought. The referral request chat group gets automatically deleted after 48 hours; however you can always seek for an extension of time or re-request the referral, when you re-request the referral it may go to a different set of learners than the ones that participated in your first referral request.

Chat with teacher

Before you book a trial or a paid lesson with the teacher, you can chat with the teacher and identify what kind of learning you are seeking, and the teacher will advise you if the teacher can meet your needs.

Trial Lesson

Most teachers provide one or more trial lessons free of charge and you can book a trial lesson via Chizzle and assess the teacher’s suitability for yourself.

11. I have searched for teachers and I have received a list, how does Chizzle sort this listing?

Chizzle uses a smart algorithm, which matches your needs to provide you with a list of the most suitable teachers. The search algorithm takes into account multiple criteria, including but not limited to distance, availability, rating and pricing.

12. Can I create my own sort criteria?

After you search for a teacher for your desired subject, you can sort the listing based on rating, price or distance.

13. Can I choose teachers based on day of the week and time?

After the search results with teachers listing are presented for your desired subject, you can apply filters based on day of the week, start time and start date. If you select a start time, the results will be grouped in 2-hour time slots, and you will also be shown lesson availability for the 2-hour time slots before and after your initially desired start time.

14. How do I pay for lessons?

Currently, you need to pay the teachers directly. Payments processing via the Chizzle platform will be available soon, which offers you additional benefits and protection.

15. Why do I have to book a minimum number of paid lessons, and why does it vary from teacher to teacher?

Teachers specify the minimum number of paid lessons that they must receive the booking for and it varies based on how many lessons the teacher wants a minimum booking for.

16. Can I talk with a teacher before I book?

Chizzle provides a chat functionality which allows you to chat with teachers even before you book a lesson. Do note that all chat sessions are monitored to ensure that no offensive or inappropriate language is used and hence if you use any such language you may be barred from using the chat functionality and /or your subscription to Chizzle may be suspended.

17. Can I flag an inappropriate chat?

Yes, you can flag any inappropriate chat by performing a long press on the specific chat bubble and clicking ‘Flag as Inappropriate’

18. Does Chizzle only cater to individual teachers, or can I book lessons with institutions as well?

Currently, Chizzle provides listings for individual teachers, who either teach at their location or travel to the learner’s location, and may conduct individual or group lessons. In a few months, you will also be able to search and book with institutes.

19. Can I get a trial lesson via Chizzle?

Chizzle urges all teachers to provide free trial lessons, and many do. Do note that there may be a limit to number of trial lessons you can avail from a teacher.

20. I have sent a booking request to a teacher, when can I expect a response?

Teachers are expected to respond within 24 hours of your request for a booking. In the event you do not receive a response to a booking request within that time, you will be notified that no response has been received and if you wish to book with alternate teachers a list of potential alternates will be provided or you can initiate a new search.

21. Can I send booking requests for the same subject to multiple teachers?

Chizzle does not recommend sending the booking requests to multiple teachers for the same subject or to multiple teachers for same time slot as this may mean that you are unable to get the teacher that you identified as most suitable for your needs.

If multiple teachers accept the booking and all schedule requests are for different time slots or dates, then all will be booked, which means you will be obligated to pay to all teachers.

22. I have sent request to two teachers for same subject, as I liked both, what happens if both accept?

If your request is for two different time slots you will be obligated to pay both teachers.

If the booking request was for same day and time, and the same number of classes were requested from both teachers, Chizzle’s platform ensures that if any one teacher accepts a booking at a certain time slot on a specific date, any requests that are made for the same time slot with other teachers, irrespective of subject, will be automatically void. If, however, a booking for the same time slot, for the same date, is made for two different children with different teachers, both will be booked and your calendar will show two bookings at the same time

23. I have received a response from the teacher that the teacher cannot accept my booking, why is that so?

At times, while the teacher’s schedule may be available, the teacher may be finishing an earlier lesson at a location which is far from the location where the proposed lesson is expected to be conducted; hence that teacher would not be able to honour the requested schedule. We recommend that if you are looking for a specific day and time for a lesson, you select the same from the search filter so your results will show the teachers that are available at that time.

24. I am searching for teachers on a particular subject, however the subject is listed as “Coming Soon”, what does that mean?

In the event the subject is listed as "Coming Soon" this would mean we currently do not have enough teachers available for that particular subject to provide a reasonable choice. The user has the ability to show interest and Chizzle will revert as soon as possible when enough teachers are available for the desired subject.

25. I am searching for teachers for a particular subject; however I can see “Fully Booked” and “Request Time Slot” against the subject name. What does that mean?

“Request Time Slot” signifies that the teachers are available in your area, however are fully booked. You can place your request for a time slot and platform will automatically inform the teachers matching your needs for creating a timeslot, when a timeslot is created you will be informed and you can select from available teachers.

26. I have booked lessons with a teacher, however I will be away and won’t be able to attend the next lesson. What should I do?

You can request to reschedule a lesson and you will be provided with alternate lesson options once the teacher confirms he or she is willing to reschedule. Any reschedule requests must be placed 24 hours or more before the lesson start time to be eligible for rescheduling or refund (if paid). You can reschedule only one lesson at a time.

27. How early should I request a reschedule for a lesson?

You should request for a reschedule as early as possible, in the event you request to reschedule a lesson is less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson start time, the teacher has no obligation to provide a rescheduled lesson or a refund (if the lesson is already paid for).

In the event the rescheduling request is made more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson start time, the teacher has the option to either accept your rescheduling request and will provide you a time and date when it can be rescheduled, or provide you a refund (if you have already paid) or cancel the lesson. In the event the time and date suggested by the teacher for a rescheduled lesson is not acceptable to you, there won’t be any further options provided and the lesson would be cancelled. It is always good to advise the teacher via a chat session that you would like to reschedule a lesson and, if you have any preferred dates/times. This allows the teacher to reschedule your lesson at a time and date that is mutually agreeable. Alternatively, the teacher may simply cancel the lesson and not charge you any fee (if not already paid for)

Do note that all payments, and/or refunds for payments, will be made directly to and from users. Chizzle is not in any way involved in the processing of any payments or refunds between or among users and, accordingly, does not have any liability with respect to any late or missed payments or late or missed refunds.

Payment processing via the Chizzle platform is currently under development and will be available in the near future which will automate the refund process.

28. I have received a broadcast from the teacher. Can I reply to it?

Broadcasts from a teacher are intended to allow the teacher to contact one or more learners at the same time with the same message. The broadcast message can’t be responded to. However, you can use the chat functionality to communicate with the teacher.

29. Can I chat with my teacher?

You can chat with any searched teacher, your current and past teachers at any time.

30. I have forgotten my login password. What do I do?

On the login screen of the app, you will be able to see a “Forgot Password” button. Click on it, enter your registered email ID and we will send a web link which enables you to reset your password.

31. I have changed my mobile number, what do I do?

In the Settings section of the app, you can change mobile number to a new one; we will send a one time authentication password to your new mobile number.

32. What is the difference between per lesson and per hour charges?

A teacher’s available time for a lesson is either flexible or fixed, flexible timing would specify minimum time duration of lesson, as well as the maximum time duration of a lesson. In such cases, the pricing is identified on a per hour basis; lesson charges are calculated based on the duration of the lesson you book.

A fixed duration lesson is charged on a per lesson basis and the lesson duration may be different for different teachers for e.g. 30 minutes, 45 minutes etc.

When you filter the results by price, the list that you see is based on a per hour price, the price for a fixed duration lesson is prorated for one hour.

33. What does a flexible duration lesson mean?

The teacher may specify that the teacher is flexible to book the lesson for 30 minutes and up to a certain maximum duration. The teacher may further specify if the duration can vary in increments of 15 or 30 minutes (or any other increments).

34. I cannot attend a lesson due to unavoidable circumstances, what do I do?

Whenever you are unable to attend the lesson, do notify your teacher, requesting to reschedule the lesson. In most cases, teachers are happy to reschedule your lesson (unless the lesson is a group lesson or a lesson which follows a certain curriculum). If the lesson is cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled start time, teacher may provide a replacement lesson or choose to provide refund (if paid for) or simply agree with cancellation (if not paid for).

If the lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, teacher is not obligated to provide a refund or a replacement lesson; however, a teacher may provide a refund or a replacement lesson at teacher’s discretion.

35. I couldn’t attend the lesson and I couldn’t send a reschedule request by the system as well. What do I do?

If you missed a lesson and couldn’t inform the teacher, do ensure that when you receive an attendance confirmation request, you select the appropriate reason for not attending the lesson.

36. Why do I need to confirm my attendance?

Each time a lesson is scheduled, and there is no cancellation of the lesson by learner or teacher, an attendance confirmation request is sent to you after the lesson completion time. The attendance confirmation request must be responded to in 24 hours. If you do not respond, Chizzle will consider that you did attend the lesson.

The attendance confirmation message also asks you to rate the lesson quality, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Such ratings are used in teacher ratings; hence it also serves as a valuable feedback mechanism for the teacher, which eventually results in better quality teaching to you. Occasionally you may be requested to write a review about the teacher.

37. I have received a referral request for a teacher from whom I am taking lessons. What should I do?

The referral requests are made by learners who are contemplating booking lessons with a teacher you are already taking lessons from (or have taken lessons from in the past). Chizzle urges you to provide honest feedback to the referral request. The referral request window is normally open for only 48 hours, unless an extension is sought by the requestor.

38. Can I short-list teacher profiles for future reference?

Every time you search for a teacher and view a profile, you can shortlist the teacher using the shortlist icon provided in the teacher’s profile and it will appear as a shortlisted teacher in My Teachers menu. You can also remove a teacher from your shortlist.

39. Can I write a review for a teacher?

If you have taken any paid lessons from a teacher, you can write a review for the teacher when prompted to write at the time of marking the attendance. You cannot initiate writing a review on your own for the teacher.

40. I wrote a review for a teacher but I can’t see it on teacher’s profile?

While Chizzle strives to post reviews verbatim on the platform, the Chizzle system auto scans each review for any inappropriate words or language, and such reviews may be scrutinized and if found unsuitable may not be published.

41. Can I get a teacher at the time and the day that I want?

Yes, as long as you specify your desired day, start time and start date, Chizzle will intelligently match your requirements and provide you the list of teachers that closely match your desired day and timing.

42. I am a 15 year old learner and want to use Chizzle to find a teacher. Can I?

Chizzle’s terms of use prohibit the use of the platform by anyone below 18 years of age. This is for your own safety, and hence we would urge you to seek help from your parents and/or legal guardians to find you a teacher for your desired subject on Chizzle.

43. Does Chizzle check the credentials of teachers?

Chizzle doesn’t verify the information, statements or credentials provided by the teachers in their profile. However, Chizzle provides you with access to seek reference from a teacher’s previous (or current) learners, through teacher’s rating, teacher’s reviews available on his/her profile and via direct chat with teacher functionality. These various platform functions provide information to learners or their parents so that they may gauge the effectiveness of a teacher.

44. How does Chizzle rate teachers?

At the end of each lesson, the learner or parent is asked to provide feedback on the lesson. A teacher’s rating is based on such feedback.

45. I have taken my trial lesson and now I want to book paid lessons. What do I do?

If you have taken a trial lesson booked via the platform, that teacher will appear in your “My Teachers” section and you can directly book a lesson by selecting the desired teacher from the teachers listed under “My Teachers” and clicking on the “Book Paid Lesson” button. You will then be provided with a list of available time slots. Once the teacher accepts your schedule request (usually within 24 hours) you will be provided a booking confirmation.

46. Most of the reviews seem to be positive; does the rating system really work?

Chizzle takes all reviews and ratings very seriously and does not want you or other parents and learners to spend time finding a teacher that eventually isn’t suitable. Teachers receiving consistent negative reviews are grey listed on the platform and are not visible to the parents/learners.

47. I didn’t attend the lesson, and I marked accordingly on the attendance notification. However, I received another notification that the teacher has stated that I attended the lesson. What do I do now?

The above signifies that the teacher may not agree with your reported absence. In this case, you are required to settle the dispute within 7 days, during which period you can discuss the issue with teacher. After 7 days, you would receive alert asking for confirmation on resolution of dispute.

48. What does Chizzle do with the information that I provide?

Chizzle doesn’t reveal your data to any third party unless required by law. All data that is provided is used in line with the Chizzle’s privacy policy

49. I have booked 10 lessons, one lesson per week on Wednesdays. However, I know that of the 10 weeks of lessons, one of the Wednesdays is a Public Holiday. How does that day get treated?

When teachers specify availability, teachers specify which public holidays they want to mark as as off days. When you book your schedule, if any day of the proposed schedule falls on public holiday your schedule selection summary would show that dates of the lesson and the Wednesday which is a public holiday will not be in the dates identified. In the event the teacher has specified that the teacher is available on a public holiday and such a day appears on your schedule, you can always request for a reschedule.

50. I received a notification that the teacher can’t make it to the lesson tomorrow due to medical issues. How does that get treated?

In the event the teacher can’t make it to the lesson due to an emergency or otherwise, you would ideally be notified at the earliest possible opportunity, typically more than 24 hours in advance. However, in some cases, this may not be possible. For all such cancelled lessons, you would be provided a replacement lesson by the teacher or a refund (if already paid for).

51. My teacher has offered me a replacement lesson at a time that I cannot attend. What do I do?

In the event the replacement lesson proposed by the teacher due to his/her inability to conduct the originally scheduled lesson, is not compatible with your schedule, you can propose an alternate time to the teacher via chat. The teacher will then create a slot for you and you can book that slot. In the event you are requesting a rescheduled lesson, we would recommend that you chat with the teacher immediately before the reschedule request is sent, so that you are able to communicate any preferred timing and date for a replacement lesson and, if needed, the teacher can create a time slot that is mutually agreeable specifically for you.

52. The teacher doesn’t have any available slots for a trial lesson, but I want to try it out before I subscribe, what do I do?

You can request the teacher via chat to provide a trial lesson. If the teacher agrees to offer you a trial lesson, the teacher will create a slot which allows for trial lesson. You can then book the slot via the platform.

53. I am a Mathematics teacher and I am listed on Chizzle, however when I login as a Learner, I do not find my listing, why is that?

If you are listed both as a teacher and a learner, and are logged in as a learner, you will not be able to view your own details when you search for teachers.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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